Bill Van Dusen – Candidate for Boulder County Commissioner

Bil Van Dusen

Bil Van Dusen

Hello, my name is Bill Van Dusen and I am running for Boulder County Commissioner. I am running because I grew up in Boulder County and I am passionate about this beautiful place. My family lived in Boulder for a number of years and moved to rural Niwot and built Longmeadows Morgan Horse Farm. I was raised in the open spaces around Haystack Mountain and I was able to live my life as a part of the rural community.

My mother founded Cottonwood Park Square in historical, downtown Niwot. Throughout my childhood and as an adult, I frequently hike the foothills in Boulder County and I learned to treasure the natural beauty of this spectacular area. These are the things that have made me into the person who I am today and I want to make sure that we do not destroy these treasures through poor planning and neglect. As County Commissioner, I want to carry on the fine traditions and programs that the Commissions before me have established and I am committed to doing just that.

My wife, Beth, and I share a love for this unique place. Because of our ties to Boulder County, we have been actively involved in our community. We take seriously our responsibility to be good stewards; to preserve this beautiful place for future generations. Beth is an inspiration to me; my partner in this effort to protect and preserve Boulder County.

I am also a father and I see the future of Boulder County in my daughter’s eyes… a future filled with special things that she can find right here like a chance for a great education, to develop an understanding of the natural world, and to have high level career opportunities. I feel a responsibility to her and to all future generations to leave a hopeful, exciting legacy through my work as a Boulder County Commissioner.

Boulder County is a part of me; it is in my blood; it is what makes me passionate about preserving open spaces and the natural areas in the County, protecting our historical and natural resources, and maintaining strong and supportive communities through providing sustainable jobs and human services to those in need.

That is why I am running for Boulder County Commissioner. I am committed to preserving the way of life that has become the “Boulder County way of life” and I ask for your vote in 2012 to help me work hard to realize my commitment to you.

The Candidate: Bill Van Dusen

I am very excited about my candidacy for Boulder County Commissioner. My unique and diverse background makes the position a perfect fit for me. I have an extensive background in local government and community issues, professional employment, and leadership positions. My overall qualifications far exceed those of my opponents.

The Best Person for the Job

My Legal and Educational Experience

I understand the legal processes that it takes to be an excellent Boulder County Commissioner.

I have over 26 years of legal experience in the public and private sectors as well as in higher education administration. I am an educator, attorney, and a small business owner. I am committed to small businesses. As in-house counsel for a local finance company, I provide small businesses with legal assistance for their start up processes. My legal employment has included working in Colorado as a Deputy District Attorney, Assistant City Attorney, and as an Assistant Attorney General.

I have a firm grasp of policy and fiscal processes that a Boulder County Commissioner uses in carrying on the day-to-day business of the county.

As an administrator in higher education, I worked as a Director for Clark College where I had extensive experience in college-wide fiscal management and budgetary processes. I developed and managed grants and other alternative funding resources. At Regis University’s Student Services for the School for Professional Studies; I was the Director of Student Services where I supervised managed five satellite campuses throughout the Denver-metro area. I authored a national publication on student service policy that is used by colleges and universities throughout the country.

My Community and Government Experience

I have years of experience in being a key resource for local government issues including county and municipal issues throughout Boulder County that will be vitally important for the county in the years to come; experience that is broad-based and takes into account the diverse needs of major county stakeholders.

I am currently on the Boulder County Board of Adjustment and on the Board of Directors for El Comite de Longmont. I served on the Longmont Planning and Zoning Commission from 2000 to 2006 and chaired the commission for two years. I was a steering committee member for the Longmont Multi-Model Transportation Plan, helping to develop mass transportation options for the City. I served as chair of the North Boulder County Environmental Health Task Force and worked with the Lyons cement plant management and local residents on environmental issues. I coordinated the Governor’s Job Training Program for community colleges in the Denver metro area and planned, implemented, and coordinated the human resource department for Arrow Electronics. I worked with the Colorado Public Interest Research Group and drafted the statutory language for the 2000 Amendment 24 Colorado growth limitation initiative. I was also on the national board of directors for NACADA, a student services organization, creating and implementing policy for colleges and universities throughout the country.

  • Served on the Planning and Zoning Commission for the City of Longmont from 2000 to 2006 and chaired the Commission for two years
  • Served on the Multi-Model Transportation Planning Committee for the City of Longmont
  • Chair of the North Boulder County Environmental Health Task Force
  • Coordinated the Governor’s Job Training Program for the Community College of Denver
  • Directed the Veteran’s Upward Bound Program for the Community College of Denver
  • Implemented the “Ask-A-Lawyer” day for Longmont’s El Comite Organization to provide free legal services for the Longmont Latino community
  • Coordinated the Teen Court for the City of Arvada
  • Worked in higher education as an administrator and faculty member
  • Worked as a Deputy District Attorney in Colorado
  • Worked as an Assistant City Attorney in Colorado
  • Worked as an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Colorado
  • Currently working as an attorney specializing in the area of tax controversy
  • Currently teaches classes in Business Ethics at the Metropolitan State College of Denver

Core Issues for My Campaign:

  • How to grow as a county
    • We need to maintain our open spaces areas which defines our communities and preserves our agricultural heritage
    • We need to carefully balance jobs and housing while preserving our great quality of life here in Boulder County
      • Smart Growth
      • Promotes employers locally who pay a living wage and are responsible members of our community.
  • We must make sure that our growth stays in urban areas and not sprawl out into surrounding open spaces.
    • By assessing the benefits of our Intergovernmental agreements
    • By promoting open spaces buffers that separate and define distinct communities
  • We must maintain our natural resources by being good stewards through careful planning including conservation programs that address water and air quality
  • We must adequately fund our County Human Services to make sure that the people who need help most do not fall through the cracks

I believe that I am uniquely qualified to serve as a Boulder County Commissioner:

  • I grew up in Boulder County and I bring a historical perspective to the Commission
  • I have served on numerous boards and commissionsover the years
    • Including, the Longmont Planning & Zoning Commission, the North Boulder County Environmental Health Task Force, the Governor’s Job Training Program, Veteran’s Upward Bound, the Longmont Multi-model Advisory Board, and currently, the Boulder County Board of Adjustment and the El Comite Board of Directors
      • I understand how to work through difficult issues that involve multiple stakeholders
  • As a practicing attorney specializing in tax law and business transactional processes and as a professor of business ethics, I understand all aspects of fiscal responsibility including sound financial planning and balancing budgets.

I have decided to run for Boulder County Commissioner because:

  • I care deeply about Boulder County and I am passionate about preserving the quality of life that we have all worked for. I believe that with strong leadership, good ideas, and clear vision we can continue to shape the future of Boulder County in such a way that our children will be proud to call this place home.


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