Seeking a Solution to the Sky Diver Plane Noise

From Bill Butler, Longmont, CO:

I understand that the noise from the Twin Otter airplane comes from the propellers.  I also understand that there are propeller designs that result in a much quieter plane, but these propellers are expensive. If true (and if they can be shown to be significantly quieter), how about the City of Longmont loaning the Skydiver outfit the money to buy the quieter propellers?  The loan (not gift) could be paid back with a “noise abatement surcharge” levied by the company on each jumper.

If the plane noise from Vance Brand cannot be significantly reduced, then there is no sense in expanding the airport, and citizens should therefore seriously consider CVBAN – Closing Vance Brand. This is not a crazy idea, but a real option, and one that has been done before. Before we do that, we should consider filing a complaint with the State against Boulder County and the City of Longmont for their failure to eliminate a public nuisance.

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  1. Doctor Rick
    April 29, 2012 at 12:29 pm

    Bill – thanks for your post. I made a similar suggestion in the Dear Johnnie column of the Longmont Times-Call. It was poked fun at by Dear Johnnie. The Mile-High owner said these propellers would not work at our “high altitude” – which is not true, according to the producer of the quieter props. The real problem is the rate of climb. Over the years, owing to more customers and a reluctance to use more than one pilot and his other planes, they have to go pedal to the metal to get all their customers up without them having to wait. The noise was not a problem when I lived in temporary housing just south of the airport for a year ten years ago. Based on our experience at the time, we thought the airport noise (there ws very little) was not an issue. His increased business in the interim and his disregard for the public has brought upon us this head-ache maker of a business. My guess is, if he were to do flights every 45′ instead of less than half an hour, the noise would be greatly reduced. I pray for bad weather on weekends and plan activities out of town. We are going to move away from Longmont as soon as we can. We’ll have to go pretty far away to get away from this Pariah. His only concern is making money – the rest of us be damned. I’ve written the City Council for their position, only the Mayor replied.

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