Numbers, votes speak volumes

Get Baum out or get used to seeing these - maybe in YOUR yard.

Holy Fire Sale Batman!

Well, Chris Rodriguez is at it again! You have dipped your pen into that vitriolic ink to scold the “band of three” once more. Except this time you focused on Brian Hansen and not on Sean McCoy, your usual target. About what, pray tell? Campaign financing, of all things.

We all know how campaign financing influences elections. In the previous election the “gang of four” (the pro real estate and anti-Longmont crowd) won their council seats through heavy outspending.

Baum received $13,380, and Lange received $4,838.

Santos received $14,620, and Van Dusen received $3,656.

Sammoury received $13,700, and Fissinger received $4,242.

Witt received $15,700, and Benker received $8,000.

(Source Times-Call “Winners raised, spent more money in November election,” Rachel Carter, Dec. 4, 2009.)

And what did the stalwart four do but proceed to eliminate or reduce the tracking of campaign financing, waive affordable housing requirements for new construction, and blindly approve Wal-Mart‘s plan for (at the time) three Walmarts and a Sam’s club surrounding our town. To say nothing of the unpopular stances on LifeBridge/Union Reservoir favors and concessions.

I attended the Progressive Center’s candidate debate — remember, the one you told people not to attend? Well, you will be happy to know that the gang of four did not attend. I submitted the question about the influence the real estate people had with the City Council. I heard Sarah Levison answer the question as most politicians would answer it — evasively. I don’t blame her for her answer but I felt it was not accurate. Brian Hansen, however, did answer the question with an honesty and courage that impressed me.

The evidence of real estate influences are in the voting record. A large portion of the City Council’s 4-3 votes favor the local and/or national real estate market.

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    October 3, 2011 at 12:16 pm

    What real estate market? The sooner these Rolex-toters realize that the game is OVER, the better they will feel (and the better off we will ALL be), for it is LUNACY to continue to turn productive, fertile farmland into driveways. People a lot smarter than I say we will not need ANYTHING built until AT LEAST 2014, and probably not then. Think these shuckin’-and-a-jivin’ real estate “tycoons” can hold out that long? Or might they hoodwink some city (or market-ignorant eleemosynary organization?) to allow them to put up some “sticks and bricks” — mostly sticks — because their sunk costs on all that ground they’ve wasted are KILLING them. Too flipping bad. Go ahead and build. Anything you put up will ahve but one “highest and best use”: Wrecking-Ball practice!!

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