Monday, October 3rd, is the deadline to register to vote.

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It's democratic and it matters

Monday, October 3rd is the deadline to register to vote. Please take a moment to visit the state’s official Go Vote Colorado website—to either register for the first time, or simply to verify that your registration information is correct. If you have a valid Colorado identification card or driver license, you can complete the process online—if not, there are convenient instructions for getting your information to your local clerk’s office.

It only takes a moment to be 100% sure you’re ready to vote’

Under current law, it’s important that you ensure you are marked as an “active” voter in order to receive a mail ballot in most counties in Colorado this year. If you log in to’s update/registration system and discover you are listed as “inactive,” you’ll want to fix that right away! It’s easy: you can click the box marked “Yes, I want to be a permanent mail-in voter and automatically receive a mail-in ballot for all applicable elections” OR “I would like a mail-in ballot for this year’s statewide elections” in the Update section to receive a mail ballot. Then, check to ensure the entire form is filled out correctly, and click “Submit Changes” at the bottom of the Update page.

Please check your voter registration status right away, then check back again after a day or two to ensure any submitted changes (such as “activating” your voter registration if needed) have taken effect. If there are any problems, call your county clerk using the directory available here. Don’t assume that your voter registration is in order when it just takes a moment to verify.

Thanks! Voting is like the lottery—”you can’t win if you don’t play.” Before you even look at the issues on the ballot this year, there is nothing more important than to make sure you’re all set to vote! Take a moment now to verify your voter registration is complete and correct, or to register.

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