Coombs: The clear choice

The following endorsement of Dennis Coombs was offered by Robert Miner.

Dennis Coombs, Longmont's next mayor

Longmont’s upcoming mayoral election offers a clear choice. We get to choose between hope and fear; compromise and divisiveness; between a man who has created jobs and built one of the most successful businesses in Longmont, versus a man who has proven to have the professionalism of a schoolyard bully. We get to choose between Dennis Coombs and Bryan Baum. In my mind this is no choice at all. Dennis Coombs has spent the last 31 years working to make Longmont the best community on the Front Range. Meanwhile, since being elected in 2009 Bryan Baum has broken promises, bullied members of the community, and proven that his hostile ideology is wrong for Longmont.

In 2009, I voted for Mayor Baum. I believed him when he said that he would work to get the mall fixed. I’m a lower-middle-class worker who is tired of having to drive to Boulder to see a movie in a decent theater. Baum campaigned on one promise: Mall redevelopment. All it takes is a drive down Hover to see that he has broken that promise.

Dennis Coombs is a compassionate individual. He’s known as “The Pumphouse Guy” but he’s really so much more. Coombs has worked for charities like Habitat for Humanity and Children’s Hospital. He’s served on the LDDA, and proven that he has the leadership skills needed to bring this city together. When my ballot comes, I’m making my choice for a man who will be a true mayor for everybody. I’m choosing Dennis Coombs.

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  1. October 8, 2011 at 1:09 am

    Longmont’s attack tag team is hard at work over at the Times-Call. Proving for at least the thousandth time that pre-moderation is desperately in need, but I doubt will happen until a real housecleaning takes place. Keep in mind Longmont that the people behind the anonymous pseudonyms are a very small (perhaps only two people) working desperately to give the impression of ‘public sentiment.’ It is a fiction and a particularly vile one. Remember, you’re hearing the voice of Bryan Baum’s most ardent supporters. That’s the kind of dripping vitriol in the heart of the man in the mayor’s chair and it’s slowly killing Longmont.

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