Leapin’ Lizards!

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Who usually carries suitcases full of money?

They’re on a roll.  It’s only the first of four innings and “Look Before We Leap” (LBWL), the telecommunications anti-2A issue committee, has already received $75,000 from the Cable Telecommunications Association (aka Comcast).

They’ve spent $63,845.15 with accrued expenditures of $175,662.  Add those together and you get $239,507.15.

No Blank Check, the same folks that fought the fiber optic ballot issue in 2009, took in contributions of $246,513 over the entire course of the 2009 campaign.  At the rate “Look Before We Leap” is going, it looks like the sky’s the limit for these leaping lizards.

In case you aren’t yet familiar with 2A, look here. Simply put, when the measure passes, it will restore Longmont’s right to use its existing fiber optic network.  That right was lobbied away during the 2005 Colorado legislative session.

Let’s take a glance at how “Look Before We Leap” is spending its money?  (And, by the way, how ‘bout that “we” portion of their name!  They want you to be snookered into believing that their “we” is supposedly “thee”.)

Back to the money — and isn’t it always about money when it comes to today’s campaigns. To begin, they polled Longmont voters. That presumably was to determine local sentiment heading into the election.  Those results will tell them how high the hurdle is – how high the lizards must leap.

Another entry was “canvas management.”   $35,250 for that one.  Know what that means?  PAID canvassers. Evidence of them was found outside my door just this morning.

They had a $19,502 TV ad buy.  I haven’t seen the ads.  But I’m told they spent their money at Fox News.  That ought to tell folks where they think their “no” votes will come from.  And $3,920 went for newspaper ads.  Times-Call subscribers saw a recent half-page ad. How could they miss it?

LBWL paid ten grand for legal advice.  I presume some of that was to threaten the City of Longmont over what they called a “propaganda” communication that the city mailed to Longmont citizens. The publication explained the measure, Longmont’s fiber optic history and arguments for and against the measure, as required by law.  But ten grand, just for that?  Seems a little steep.  Might there be a second shoe somewhere?

Don’t let that little boy, who seems to be ready to jump into an empty swimming pool, pull at your heartstrings – or raise your blood pressure with all kinds of unfounded fears.  Your taxes are not being raised.  And once the city reacquires its right to more fully utilize its network, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to weigh in on whatever proposals may come forward.

LBWL is very worried about RISK. But it’s not your risk that has them up nights. It’s the risk that when this passes, there will be some users who will be able to eventually say “hasta la vista, baby” (Comcast).

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