Ninth & Main design atrocious

I had the unfortunate opportunity to view the rendering of the new project proposed for Ninth and Main that was in the paper on Sept. 24. Are they serious? I realize we need revenue but, honestly, that is atrocious. Not to mention it is overscaled for the site.

Why would anyone design a tower on the corner of a major urban and pedestrian intersection with no windows or doors? Is that an elevator? The two facades have absolutely no relationship to each other.

I’m all for progress but we need to have good designs that Longmont can be proud of and that will last for generations. There are dozens of tasteful projects that have a similar scale, size and program in downtown Louisville, Boulder and Fort Collins that they can use as examples. I hope the city strongly rejects the design.

As we move forward let’s make sure it is in the right direction. Who reviews these types of urban projects? Is there some formal method of protest I can look into? Can we start an architectural review committee? That is simply embarrassing. Is everyone asleep? Am I they only one complaining about these things?

» Image of proposed building

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