Free Range Longmont Endorses: Sean McCoy for Ward 3

A native of Longmont, Sean McCoy has a long and dedicated history of service to the community.  He learned about public service and Longmont’s concerns at the foot of his father, Tom McCoy, who served on Longmont’s City Council for 22 years.

McCoy has served on Longmont’s Planning and Zoning Commission, on Boulder County’s Parks and Open Space Advisory Commission, and currently is Longmont’s representative at the Boulder County Consortium of Cities.

Entrenched special interests have “ruled” Longmont for most of the last few decades.  Sean McCoy does not hesitate to challenge these interests.  Nor does he hesitate to challenge those segments in our community who espouse ideas that are seriously detrimental not only to the Longmont community but to Colorado and the nation.

McCoy is direct and unequivocal in his statements.  In an age where elected officials often make statements that are intended to cause listeners to interpret according to their personal interests and beliefs and obscure actual intentions, McCoy leaves no doubt as to his position on issues.  Some have denigrated this characteristic.  It should, however, be praised for both its honesty and its courage.

Disingenuous elected officials do Longmont no service.  For two years, Longmont has endured much too much of this from some members of Longmont’s city council.  Not only is it time to end this, but it is also time for more not less candor from our elected representatives.

Sean McCoy deserves to remain on Longmont’s City Council.  He has been doing his best at “keeping them honest.”

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