Dog attack goes unmentioned

Hedensten’s dog’s neck injuries

Additional injuries to Hedensten dog

On July 4, 2010 as my wife Michiko was walking our dog, 2 dogs broke through their owner’s fence and attacked our dog, a medium Dachshund. The larger dog had him down when my wife grabbed our dog and ran for home, getting several bites to her hand, and our dog also had several bites.

The 2 dogs chased my wife to our home, about ½ block, and when she came in I was able to get both dogs into our home and lock them in our pantry area. I called 911 to report the dog attack.

Animal Control dog bite report

Animal Control came out and picked up both dogs (very quickly too). I then took my wife and dog to their respective hospitals, the resulting dogs bill being over $600 and wife’s over $1000.

Now this is where it gets interesting!

I watched the paper since they normally report on 911 calls.  But nothing appeared, although almost 2 months later a police report included a 911 call for a boy being bitten by a dog.

The next day, while the Animal Control Officer was at the house, a car pulled up and a man whom I didn’t recognize came up to me and introduced himself as Bryan Baum (Mayor of Longmont). He apologized for their dogs getting out and biting my wife and dog. He told me to bring the bills over when we got them and he’d take care of them. He explained the fence had rotted from all the water being used by the HOA on the other side of his fence and he had subsequently put up a new metal fence on his side to prevent it from happening again. Not once did he state the dogs belonged to his wife.

Since then I had several calls with the court in Longmont. In the last one they told me the dogs belong to Bryan’s wife. When we first went to court on October 28th, 2010, they ruled on only the dog’s expense, and my wife’s bills would have to be filed in small claims court.

Claim Filed in Boulder County Court for small claims.

Well, we filed in small claims court and had papers served on February 14, 2011. The case went to trial on May 5th, 2011 at 2:00PM, case number 2011 S 000054. The case was found in our favor and Ms Stephanie Baum was ordered to pay the sum $566.62.  At that time Stephanie burst out in court she could not afford this as she had been out of work for almost 1 year. I hate to say but I had been out of work since Jan. 2010, and all the expenses had gone on our credit cards with their interest. Most interestingly, when I went up front in the court room to pick up some papers, my wife left the court room and was spoken to in a loud voice by Mr. Bryan Baum.  He said both of us were trying to ruin his political career, and he would sue if we didn’t stop.  A friend of ours was there and heard this.  When I came out of the courtroom Mr. Baum started in on me, and a Police Office of the courts told him to calm down and leave the court house.

I’d be glad to talk more on this!

Trial audio – Ruling by Judge Karolyn Quevli  (mp3)

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