Guest Opinion by Sean McCoy

Sean McCoy - Ward 3 council representative

I would first wish to thank the voters and citizens of Longmont for providing me the opportunity to serve them over the last four years as there City Council Member for Ward 3. It has been my honor and a pleasure to do so. I also wish to ask you for your vote this November, so I may continue to focus on Longmont and the important issues that we face together in the future. I have served our community for many years on boards and commissions before I was elected. My dedication to the citizens of our community is unwavering. I have demonstrated to many members of our community that I am approachable and committed to the success of Longmont through these many years of service. I want the same things for Longmont that they do — well paying jobs, a healthy economy, revitalization of Main St. and the Mall, a state-of-the-art Movie Theater, and a vibrant arts district.

I am optimistic for our community’s future. We have great potential for positive growth and opportunities for the citizens of Longmont. I know at times, when we read or hear about jobs being lost in our community, the tendency is to get angry and want to blame those that are in public office at that time. But I see our most recent loss as a potential opportunity to focus on an area of our city that has for far too long been neglected as well as been taken for granted. The closing of the Butterball plant may offer a chance for a wind or solar manufacturer to establish a sustainable presence in our community. The physical building is very close to a rail spur and this may make for a reasonable argument for Brad Power, the City’s Director of Economic Development, to approach and attract green energy business that will provide primary jobs at all levels for the citizens of Longmont. To quickly address those that would site the issue of having a manufacturing business on our Main Street, I would like to point out that this sends a strong and visible message to other primary employers that the community of Longmont isn’t afraid of hard work and that we take our focus on attracting businesses and opportunities for the people that live and work here seriously and aren’t afraid to show it.

I am concerned that there has been a lot of unfounded political rhetoric, as there is in all political campaign. There are some that suggest that we have gridlock. There is no chance of that because of the seven member make-up of the council. Just because, on some small percentage of all votes taken, there is a 4 to 3 vote outcome, that does not mean there is gridlock. To have a spit vote is a sign of a healthy democracy. To always have unanimous vote of 7/0 only suggests council members aren’t working hard enough to represent all of the citizens that they represent. To always go along to just get along is not representative of the democratic process, and for all council members to fall in line like dominoes, or worse yet conduct the business of Longmont citizens behind closed doors, is just plain wrong. Others suggest that the city takes longer to process development or business applications through our Economic Development Department; this nonsense is unfounded. We have a best practice concept that we request of all who wish to annex into the city an “Exceptional Benefit to the City.” To comment on regulations in our city that impede business from coming to Longmont cannot be identified by those that spout such hogwash. To those who suggest there is incivility on council, I say that it is not uncivil to ask the tough questions on council. That is why we were elected, to dig deeper to see the exceptional benefit of issues that comes before council. Those that think being assertive is too aggressive clearly aren’t willing to fight hard enough for the community that they represent. I have fought for what is best for Longmont; and if I am reelected, I will continue to fight for all of the citizens of Longmont.

I am again asking you for vote so I may again hold the honor of serving the community I love and have had the privilege of serving for the past four years.

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