Your VOTE matters

For those of you who have already voted by mail, it is imperative that you check to see that your ballot has been received.  Go here.  Do it NOW.

I just checked my status and was STUNNED.  This is what I found:

BALLOT SENT:   10/11/2011

BALLOT RECEIVED:  10/21/2011

 TEN DAYS from sent to received!

If you have mailed your ballot and you think it should have been received and accepted, yet it hasn’t, call the Clerk’s office at 303-413-7740.


Ballots must be received by the Boulder County Clerk by 7:00 PM on November 1st.


It is way too late to mail in your ballot.


Drive through and drop off ballots in the 500 block of Terry Street

 Monday, October 31, 8 am to 6 pm

   Tuesday, November 1, 7 am to 7 pm

It's democratic and it matters

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