Champion of Discounts

First the Larimer County GOP runs up $100K in fines (and gets a deep discount – down to $15,700K – from the CO GOP’s best investment, Scott Gessler) then the Boulder County GOP racks up $18,600 for a delayed filing. Good thing the Boulder County GOP has a special ‘champion’ to petition the Sec. State to knock that fine down.

Joel Champion, BoCo GOP Chairman - honored guest of the Longmont 912 Tea Party

The claim is that it was a bookeeping error.

Hm. I seem to remember Jack Pommer getting a lot of bad press and no sympathy for less-serious errors.

I see a pattern here: Otero, Larimer, Boulder – do you?

Once again, the law’s a fine thing – as long as only your opponents have to obey it.

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