Lee Springer – WWII Veteran

To mark Veterans Day 2011, Longmont Times-Call reporter Quentin Young and photographer Joshua Buck interviewed local veterans about their experiences at war. The six veterans who were interviewed served in six major conflicts involving the United States military: World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, Afghanistan and Iraq. The series includes feature stories and videos of the interviews, which may be viewed at timescall.com. The schedule:

Sunday: Lee Springer, World War II

Monday: Jerome Portz, Korea

Tuesday: Dan Pineda, Vietnam

Wednesday: Rick Chatwell, Gulf War

Thursday: Dane Shockley, Afghanistan

Friday: Gary Stump, Iraq

Read Lee Springer’s story at the Times-Call

Photo by M. Douglas Wray

Lee Springer 2009

I’m personally acquainted with Lee Springer and proud to say so. I’ve helped him with his image processing software and been awed by his skills and his background. He and his wife Beverly are the sweetest people I’ve ever known, real Longmont Treasures.

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