Constant Commenting, Repeated Refusals

I regularly see the claim that FRL does not post opposing views in our comments. This is an oft-perpetrated lie. Every comment that’s refused on FRL is refused because it fails to conform to our commenting rules.

Here’s an example:

Mr. Martin, in my opinion, is apparently either reading-impaired or just a very slow learner.

Look at (currently) #8 on our Commenting page. is a Progressive site – we will not give publicity / links / traffic to any website that actively encourages the Tea Party. Period. We’ve made this clear more than once and said so explicitly on our Commenting page.

For partisans to attempt to leave comments with links to their far-right sites and then cry ‘censorship’ when they don’t appear is rank hypocrisy, not to mention obdurate and obtuse.

Here’s a post that I think explifies how far FRL is willing to go to accomodate folks that disagree with us. Note that rather than reject the comment (which violated the posting rules not just once but twice) I edited it so that the author could have their say and encouraged them to keep commenting. Note that the author insisted on a ‘personal meeting’ rather than a transparent public conversation. This exemplifies the ‘let’s talk about this off the record’ mindset. Sorry – if you have something to say to FRL it will be very much on-the-record.

The Times-Call follows a ‘publish-then-moderate-by-complaint’ protocol which allows these kind of rhetorical antics to run riot. FRL does not. This apparently creates a great deal of cognitive distress for flat-earthers, birthers, John Birchers, Ayn Randers and the like. We regret that current state-of-the-art antipsychotic medication is insufficient to help them.

Regardless, FRL will continue to moderate our comments to keep the discussions civil and free of far-right rhetoric; yes, that does mean there will be Progressive rhetoric. I refer readers to our masthead. I think it’s pretty explicit.

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