Address to Longmont City Council Re: Fracking

I’m here to express my opposition to hydraulic fracturing anywhere on Longmont City owned property and on Open Space.

This method of drilling is very risky business:

It is common knowledge that fracking uses massive amounts of water (100,000 gallons per frack and each well can be fracked up to 30 times). Where is this water going to come from when we are already on the edge with our water supplies?

It has been documented by the Environmental Protection Agency that fracking fluids have contaminated groundwater supplies in the town of Pavilion, Wyoming. In two monitoring wells, the EPA has found cancer causing agents and chemicals consistent with drilling operations. This information can be found on the EPA web site. In case you weren’t aware, fracking fluid is a proprietary concoction full of toxic chemicals such biocides, breaking agents as well as solvents. But why aren’t we being told what’s in there? It’s a trade secret!

What about the health effects on those living nearby the drilling operations? Cassie Kearny, who lives in neighboring Firestone, said they are surrounded by drilling platforms and condensate tanks. Since the drilling of these wells, people in her neighborhood are succumbing to all sorts of illnesses — from cancer and thyroid problems, to a child whose teeth are falling out. Why are we being used as human guinea pigs?

I’m curious why mostly oil and gas representatives are presenting tonight. What about hearing from the other side? Isn’t it normal that when making important decisions, we look at both sides of the issue? Please, invite experts who are willing to share about the detrimental effects of this kind of drilling. Furthermore, let’s invite those who have been injured by fracking. Let’s hear from those people who can light the water coming out of their faucets and whose well water has been contaminated. And what about those people who have become seriously ill from exposure to fumes and fracking fluids and God knows what else?

I want to point out something that I found in the packet that is being presented to our City Council for tomorrow night’s meeting. The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Committee has provided answers to questions that the public may have.

Answer: “The law is intended to keep the general public safe when drilling and development occurs and is not directed at protecting individual property values or a preferred quality of life.”

Does this mean that the drillers are not responsible when they destroy your water resources and the drop in your property values?

The people have a right to clean air, pure water, and to the preservation of their property values, as well as the natural, scenic, historic and esthetic values of the environment.

I ask the Parks and Recreation Advisory board to either recommend that a moratorium be placed on drilling so we can become thoroughly educated about all aspects of drilling, or completely deny the request to allow drilling and seismic studies. Please, Frack No.

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