Republican Tea Party Agenda

That's one crazy teapot...

In case you’ve never read the Republican Tea Party agenda for 2012 and beyond, here is it in one place.  Is this the world you want to live in and leave to your kids?  I hope not.  If it is, you shame us all.

  • Rolling back civil rights protections
  • Overturning health care reform
  • Criminalizing women’s reproductive choices
  • Privatizing Social Security and cutting current benefits
  • Ending Medicare and gutting Medicaid
  • Eliminating the rights of workers to collectively bargain for safe working conditions and reasonable compensation
  • Passing laws to discriminate against gays and lesbians
  • Eliminating financial regulatory reform
  • Taking away the right of citizens to elect their own Senators
  • Eradicating safeguards and standards governing the environment and education
  • Enforcing a “hit list” for teachers who insist on teaching sicence based lessons
  • Imposing a narrow-minded religious view of existence on the nation
  • Defunding and censoring public media and museums
  • Stacking our nation’s courts with radical right-wing judicial activists
  • Repealing the 14th Amendment, which guarantees citizenship to those born in the United States, guarantees application of the Bill of Rights at the state level, and guarantees equal protection under the law.

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