Consumed by hate

On MSNBC’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” Matthews ends the program with his “Let Me Finish” segment.  On November 14th, he provided a litany of assaults against humanity from the Republican presidential candidate debates.  It appears that one of the ties that bind Republican candidates and their enthusiastic supporters is their joy at the suffering of others and their desire to inflict pain, punishment, misery and even death.

This, from those who label themselves “Christian” and who apparently never learned the lessons of Christ, or redefined them in their own image and likeness.

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Anyone finding this post via a site that has a long-winded and copyright-infringing response should hopefully be asking ‘Who could be behind this? Who has the motive? Who would care that much?!’ and then look carefully at recent events. It’s really sad to hear the Lunatic Fringe in Longmont cooing about civility and yet continuing to spew vitriol from behind masks. It’s cowardly and, frankly, uncivil. But very much expected and not surprising. FRL will continue to call out the extremist lies and slant in Longmont regardless of attempts to defame us.

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    November 23, 2011 at 9:27 pm

    If you’re down, then I must be up. But this stuff is contagious. I’ve long believed that the popularity of shows like “Survivor” originates from some frustration or pain, engendering a desire to see the other guy get tossed, turned down, or rejected. That is, to “get his.” Vindication and revenge; that’s the tribal way. And whence tribal, you say? Look at the atomization of practically everything, everybody, and everywhere. Even Gunbarrel has a contingent (I don’t know how large, organized, or serious) that wants its own Congressional or state legislative district. That goes with the little shove recently in Longmont, where some have expressed similar desires recently. And look at the petition/initiative process and proclivity in Colorado (and Mississippi, etc.). It’s not enough that I (supposedly) do what I think is right, but YOU also must do what I think is right. Or you’re voted off the island. Get it? World War IV will be fought with rocks, spears, and clubs, just you watch.

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