“Has-Been Mayor” proves that talk is cheap

Sorry Mr. Baum, your own words condemn you

During the 2010 Longmont city council retreat, then mayor Bryan Baum proposed limiting Public Invited To Be Heard to 30 minutes, claiming ‘…it is ridiculous to have to listen for an hour and a half.’

Now, in a cynical attempt to rewrite history and recast his shattered public image he made the following remark on a local AM radio show:

“…the more… people you get speaking… as far as that goes… the better off it is…” (audio clip)

The hypocrisy is breathtaking and completely consistent with his tenure in office.

For this failed tyrant to announce to the public that those that campaigned against him should ‘…do penance…’ while sharing the microphone with one of the most vicious attack dogs in Longmont’s recent history just underlines how far out of touch he is.

Mr. Baum’s recent application for City Manager is also laughable – especially in light of his disdain for ousted council member Hansen applying to be on a city board. In the words of the radio commentator: ‘…we just got these guys out of here…’

It’s time for Bryan Baum to accept the fact that he was voted out by the people of Longmont – Republicans voted against him decisively – and his pathetic attempts to rewrite history aren’t going to pass the smell test.

It’s time for Bryan to admit that he really is the has-been mayor.

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