Response to ‘One man’s noise’

Imagine a Sturgis rally every day all day.

To file a noise complaint
about the airport, call 303-651-8431, Press 1.

Petition to request a review of Mile-Hi operations.

There is a very meaningful difference between Mile-Hi Skydiving noise pollution and that which comes from Hover Street. We, the people, all have the right to use Hover for transit. Mile-Hi Skydiving, on the other hand, is a private business. Commercial enterprises have very specific rules and regulations with respect to where they can operate. Residential neighborhoods are typically off-limits to business operations. Mile-Hi planes climb over some of the best preserved rural property in Colorado and the country. Not a positive or desirable arrangement.

Those who wish to jump out of planes should absolutely have the right to do so. And, yes, this is a wonderful country with unrivaled freedoms. The point that you have not made is that we, as property owners, also have rights. One of those is the right to the peaceful enjoyment of our property. There’s not much merit to saying the noise is not a problem, simply because Mile-His planes don’t climb over my house.

The great point the writer made in his letter was regarding the Harley-Davidson motorcycles in his neighborhood. I quote, “I actually like the sound of their bikes coming on my street — yeah, they are loud, but it only lasts a minute or two!” This is the root of the Mile-Hi noise problem. It doesn’t only last a minute or two; it’s all day. Imagine the Harley noise from sunup to sundown.
It’s great to know that City Council is taking a fresh look at this problem. Nobody wants to wear earplugs all day. And nobody should have to wear earplugs all day.

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