Fracturing Colorado (?)

A panel presentation about the tradoffs of hydraulic fracturing will be help February 12th (1-3 PM) at the Universalist Unitarian Church in Denver at Colorado Boulevard and Hampden.

The presentation will cover the “unadvertised” significant impacts and real long-term costs of fracking for oil and gas in Colorado.

The impacts on public health and safety, water, quality of life, local government, rights of self-determination, the environment, climate change, the “Colorado Brand” and small business sectors, and property values will all be addressed.

Do we really know what are we trading? And who benefits and how?


Distinguished panel speakers

Weston Wilson:  former U.S. EPA Environmental Engineer who blew the whistle to Congress in 2005 regarding the scientific evidence of threats to water from the new technique of horizontal hydraulic fracturing; featured in the award-winning documentary film on fracking, Gasland; prominent national speaker on the environmental impacts of fracking; Scientific Advisor to Be the Change.

Phil Doe:  formerly with U.S. Department of Interior, Bureau of Reclamation, overseeing federal water subsides to irrigated agriculture and whistleblower against Big Ag’s attempts to thwart controls set by Congress on agricultural water subsidies; helped start and lead a grassroots organization opposed to the wasteful Animas-La Plata water project; author of numerous articles in Colorado and national periodicals regarding water issues; Environmental Issues Director for Be the Change.

Sonia Skakich-Scrima:  founder of concerned citizens group “What the Frack?! Arapahoe” and organizer of an alliance of Colorado grassroots groups regarding oil and gas extraction issues; educator; research coordinator for a health diagnostic center; board member of Be the Change.

Shane Davis:  research biologist; Chairman, Sierra Club Poudre Canyon Group.

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