Which Party is This?

  • Which party prides itself in being the party of business? The party that pushes for deregulation, the easing of wage costs, and environmental and safety concerns in the interest of profits?
  • Which party has as it’s cheerleader, their own 24/7 news channel that pushes propaganda, while resorting to demagoguery of the opposition?
  • Which party is openly hostile to organized labor, even going so far as to trying to eliminate collective bargaining contracts in the name of fiscal conservatism?
  • Which party has made it integral to their platform, the rounding up and deportation of “illegal foreigners?”
  • Which party has stood steadfast, for so-called “values issues,” demanding recognition of only traditional marriage, while declaring enmity for homosexuals?
  • Which party insists on closer alliances between church and state, even declaring the country as a “Christian nation?”
  • Which party is circumspect of “the others” amongst us, challenging their patriotism, their loyalty, their right to build places of worship where they choose, and even their God?
  • Which party hypes the fear of communism, and accuses anybody to the left of them of treason?
  • Which party disdains intellectualism, and mocks any scientific research that contradicts official party dogma as folly?

Give up?

If you said the Republican party, congratulations, you get 1 point.

But if you said the Nazi party, you get 10 points. They were after all, the ones who crafted this platform. All the Republicans did, was co-opt it and wrap it in Old Glory.

Fascism. Sinclair Lewis was dead right.

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