Open letter to Governor Hickenlooper

Governor Hickenlooper,

You don't look good in kneepads John.

I voted for you and donated funds toward your campaign. You’ve shown leadership in many areas. However, when the recent advertisement underwritten by COGA came out with your photo and “boilerplate” industry propaganda on it, I was infuriated.

The toughest Disclosure Rule in the nation does nothing to protect your citizens. It trivializes the incredible harm that the industry has wrought on your constituents. Furthermore, this isn’t just about jobs. It’s about the health, safety and wellbeing of people. You can’t put a price tag on people’s health! What is most important? You are a parent. How would you feel if they drilled a well in your backyard with a 350 foot setback? Would you be concerned for your child’s health? What about the VOCs and methane leaking from the condensate tanks or being burned off in the stack? What about the leaking produced water that has occurred more times than has ever been reported to the COGCC?

I’d like to suggest that you take a look at the work by Dr. Theo Colborne of the Endocrine Disruption Exchange . She is a respected scientist and has hard facts that would appeal to you. Her video, “What you need to know about Natural Gas Production,”  is based on scientific evidence that addresses the incredible harm to people, to wildlife and on vegetation as well as how our water is poisoned. If all our water is destroyed, it can never be used again (as in “removed from the hydrologic cycle”). My question is, what do we drink when all our water is destroyed? We’re going to get very thirsty if you allow this to continue. Frankly, your support of the oil and gas industry is blasphemous.

I’m also objecting to your wanting the State of Colorado to have supreme control over communities and counties. This is taking away our inalienable rights guaranteed in the State Constitution – especially for Home Rule cities and counties.

I’m very disappointed in the stance you’ve taken and feel betrayed by you. You are not representing my interests – you are representing those that want to rape, pillage and plunder our state.

I would ask for a personal reply but I’m sure it would probably be written by your staff members and then be the usual noncommittal drivel that I receive from other public servants.

Teresa Foster

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