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Last Sunday’s educational event at Trail Ridge Middle School was wildly successful by any measure. Nearly 300 people filled the cafeteria meeting room to hear experts and local residents explain what hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is and how it might affect Longmont unless something is done to slow down the momentum. Scott Rochat reported some of the take-aways of the afternoon (“ROAR urges tighter drilling regs,” Feb. 27), but did not summarize what were perhaps the most important facts introduced.

Here are a few of the highlights:

Recent studies on air quality in Erie and water pollution in Wyoming (not to mention the raised benzene levels near the Trail Ridge school itself) counter the industry’s claims to being safe.

The oil and gas corporations exert immense pressure at the state level to pre-empt local home rule regarding our rights to health, safety and protection at the local level.

There is no way to protect our rights even with strict regulations because inspection and enforcement are inadequate.

Costs for everything from road damage to emergency response must be borne by local communities.

We residents are not always told the truth about accidents and the long-range consequences of fracking. Or about such things as the effect of fracking on homes built over abandoned mines or wells that might not have been disclosed when the home was purchased.

Longmont’s 120-day moratorium expires April 17, but an extension of at least six months was recommended by Sunday’s speakers in order to tighten proposed regulations for Longmont and to consider other options that would ban fracking altogether within city limits.

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  1. Gregory Iwan
    March 5, 2012 at 8:25 pm

    There is a local elderly gadfly who writes to the newspapers every so often, who wants to know who funds ROAR. This gentleman also backs Doug Bruce, for crying out loud! We ALL fund Sir Bruce!!!Well, this lampoon artist will get his answer in due time. Or perhaps someone will take away his Etch-a-Sketch. Leave it at this: ROAR might be proud of stirring at least one hornet’s nest; it proves that a shoestring mouse can “roar” and shake up the fearful, uninformed wastrels at the (they imagine) top of the pyramid.

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