Fracking: Coming to a neighborhood near you?

This map is a fundamental resource for understanding the issue of oil and gas wells in the City of Longmont.

The Red Zones are locations where the Colorado Oil and Gas conservation Commission (COGCC) allows oil wells to be located on the surface.

There are Red Zones in Rough and Ready park, Jim Hamm Nature Area, Union Reservoir, Sandstone Ranch, Quail Campus, the Airport, Dickens Park, Rogers Grove Park, Golden Ponds, Blue Skies Park, Sunset Golf Course, Fox Hill Golf Course, Clark Centennial park, Ute Creek Golf Course, Mountain View Cemetery, MacIntosh lake, Twin Peaks Golf Course, Dog Park #2 and the Fairgrounds. Red Zones are located near Steven Day Park, Affolter Park, Willow Farm Park and about 1/2 of Longmont’s Schools.

If you don’t believe that there will be oil and gas wells drilled at these locations, then ask the COGCC if they are willing to specifically designate a single one of them as ‘off-limits’ to drillers. Indeed, the COGCC threatens legal action against any attempt to protect these Red Zones, and they permit oil operators to harm the public by using open toxic waste pits within them.

All of Longmont’s neighborhoods are at risk!

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