Caucus tomorrow, March 6 (Tuesday), for Democrats

Calling all registered Democratic voters, tomorrow, Tuesday, March 6th is CAUCUS NIGHT. Registration starts at 6:15PM and the meeting goes until 9pm.

So what’s caucus anyway? It’s the first step in the nomination process; it’s how we nominate Democratic candidates for elected office. If you have a favorite candidate that you want to see elected to office, show up tomorrow, vote for him or her and offer to be a delegate for that candidate at the county convention.

Caucus goers meet in designated locations and those in attendance indicate their support for candidates competing for their party’s nomination by raising hands, or by splitting into groups supporting each candidate. Look here for your caucus locations.

The results of the caucus voting, however, do not directly determine which candidate will win the support of Boulder County’s voters. Each caucus meeting selects delegates to send to the county assembly (for local races) and the county convention (for the Presidential race).

The Boulder County Assembly and Convention will be held March 24, 2012 at Skyline High School, Longmont. At county assemblies and conventions across the state, Democrats select delegates to district assemblies and conventions where delegates to the state assembly and convention are chosen.

At the State Assembly, candidates for contested state level races are nominated to compete in the Primary Election (June 26, 2012). The democratic winner of the June primary will stand for election against the Republican nominee in the General Election on November 6, 2012. The Colorado State Democratic Assembly and Convention will be held April 14, 2012 in Pueblo, CO.

So clear your calendar, get a babysitter is you need to, and join a group of like-minded Democrats for great discussions and to start the process for taking back both Houses (state and federal), keeping our Senates, and re-electing our President.

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