He’ll be back. Count on it.

On Tuesday, in the Ohio Democratic primary, Dennis Kucinich lost his seat in Congress. The circumstances behind his demise are why I totally dislike traditional politics.

Redistricting is just another tool used by both major parties in their constant quest for power. It is just one big chess game to see who can outmaneuver the other; there are no lines they will not cross in their pursuit for power and control.

In order to be allowed to play in the game you must demonstrate your patronage and willingness to conform to unwritten rules. Traditional virtues are of little importance as long as you can show the ability to win the vote and convince the leadership that you are on their team. Neither party cares much about principle. If you are charismatic, articulate and handsome, they will find the money to support your candidacy.

Dennis was courageous and outspoken, but irrelevant even in his own party. He couldn’t be counted on to follow the party line. He wasn’t taken seriously and was considered simply a somewhat entertaining sideshow by his colleagues. The real bottom line was he became an irritant to both parties. His biggest problem wasn’t his diminutive stature; it was that he wasn’t willing to play by the party rules. He was actually concerned with the plight of America and the average citizen!

But his political demise may be greatly exaggerated. Dennis has always been underestimated, and he may return with a vengeance. He is still one smart cookie!

  2 comments for “He’ll be back. Count on it.

  1. March 12, 2012 at 5:55 pm

    I love this man – he’s stood up and called out America’s war machine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJurKRtY2o4

  2. Gregory Iwan
    March 15, 2012 at 10:07 am

    Nothing is ever all white or black. Kucinich is the primary sponsor (and presumed author) of a bill in Congress that would move the functions of the Federal Reserve to the Treasury Department, which as we all know is not the least bit politicized. Ron Paul, your perpetual fourth-place primary finisher, wants to abolish the Fed, too. What would happen if the Fed or “FOMC” (and its Open Market Committee) ceased to exist? Well, what size economy might we have if we had to pay cash for everything? My estimate is that Gross Domestic Product shrinks by 75 – 80%. But the very rich would still have theirs!!

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