Civility vs Sincerity

Rush Limbaugh, de facto head of the GOP

With this guy as a spokesman, calls for 'civility' sound a teensy bit insincere.

It’s time for the GOP to wise up and realize that insincere apologies for brutal insults just don’t measure up.

‘Conservative’ media figures have had a long and storied career tossing around insults that would get the man-on-the-streeet a knuckle sandwich the moment they were uttered. What drives this? Why do they persist in this stupidity? Simple: their listeners are worse. Far, far worse. And the GOP tacitly endorses it by silence (or it is just lack of any moral courage?)(I’m guessing the latter). Some of the ‘humor‘ coming from far-right media is stomach-turning and blatantly racist not to mention misogynist. These once-owners of the ‘moral compass’ are clearly far off course and losing ground fast. The career demise of Glenn Beck clearly didn’t send a strong enough signal that the sane people in America had really had enough.

Just based on the stream of personal attacks aimed at local Progressives it’s pretty clear that Longmont’s ‘right’ simply doesn’t see their own hypocrisy either. Bonnie Finley’s campaign site calls for ‘civility’ while listing some of Longmont’s most persistent hate-spewing mouthpieces. These figures continue to etch away at the community with acidic attacks delivered most often from behind anonymous pseudonyms – with the eager and obvious assistance of the Times-Call as well as local AM radio low-end internet ‘radio.’ One has to wonder at their obdurate refusal to realize that their tactics aren’t ‘winning’, much like Charlie Sheen when deep in debauchery. Well, it did get them a majority on council but at the cost of a deeply-divided electorate now roused and demanding answers about the current fracking mess – which Witt, Sammory and Finley are apparently loath to deliver.

The right in Longmont also has a long and storied history of under-the-table collaboration and coordination – at least it sure seems that way to some folks. The way popped into existence and began personal attacks on Kaye Fissinger and myself – literally the day after an article linking Gabe Santos to Tom Delay was to many a clear indication of a well-oiled and well-connected hate machine. Combined with an e-mail leaked by horrified staffers wherein Santos himself declared ‘Let the attacks begin‘ and followed by his campaign manager telling people to ‘do the things they had agreed to do’ (but carefully avoided describing, as you would with any illegal/unethical behavior you didn’t dare expose) should be enough to demand answers. The appearance of a new anonymous (don’t they ever learn?) attack site was as predictable as another Rush ‘joke’. The fact that the site has gone largely silent during tax season surely seems indicative that the owner is busy just then. Significant glance at Gabe Santos.

A multi-year smear campaign on two council members, coordinated I believe by the now-ex-mayor and his wife, was successful in shifting the majority of council to the right – unfortunately at the cost of his seat (and a considerable bruise thereupon). And funny… but that very year the oil companies descend on Longmont and council has to be all-but-bludgeoned to hold them off. Sammory and Witt have opposed any slowdown of the fracking efforts – but can’t offer any good reasons why. Their constituents are encouraged to ask them that question and demand accountability – just as their invisibly-leashed attack dogs constantly yip for it on far less vital topics (but are now avidly lapping up the pro-fracking propaganda).

So it really comes to down to what’s needed – civility or sincerity. Can we count on our conservative councilmembers to be honest about their ties to the oil and gas industry? Or must we find the connections and expose them? Here’s a big chance for our new conservative majority to do the right thing or, like Limbaugh, find themselves headed for the ash heap of history.

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