Heroes of the GOP

From AmericaBlog:

Aging former rock star, Ted Nugent, recently endorsed Mitt Romney for president.  Two weeks agoRomney’s son Tagg had this to say about Nugent’s endorsement.

Does Tagg Romney think it was cool and great when Ted Nugent called Barack Obama a “piece of sh*t,” and when he called Hillary Clinton a “b*tch”, during the 2008 campaign – while waving two machine guns in the air?  Here’s what Nugent said at the time (video):

“I was in Chicago last week.  I said, hey Obama, you might want to suck on one of these, you punk [holds up two machine guns].  Obama, he’s a piece of sh*t, and I told him to suck on my machine gun.  Let’s hear for it.  I said Hillary, you might want to ride one of these into the sunset, you worthless b*tch?

Nugent had more violent rhetoric about President Obama this week, after having endorsed Mitt Romney for President.  The Secret Service doesn’t appear amused.

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Charles "Russ" Russel Lyman - GOP HD 12 candidate

Charles "Russ" Russel Lyman - GOP HD 12 candidate

Wow. The campaign hasn’t even started and the wild-eyed gun rhetoric is on 11.

I suppose it’s to be expected – hard line GOP partisans know it will take a virtual miracle1 to get Romney elected and that has got to be pissing them off… badly.

They’ve had to listen to years of those DFHs bad-mouthing their ‘mission leader’ (Dubya) while a… a… (whisper) (censored) was in their White House. Even the oft-summoned spirit of Saint Ronnie the Tax-Fighter was no help, in fact he was an embarrassment to the Tea Party. The once-proud lockstepping Grand Old Party was splintering like cheap patio furniture in a hillbilly family brawl.

So it makes sense they’d turn to their (ahem) spiritual leaders… and if anyone’s consumed more spirits than ole’ Uncle Ted I don’t know who it is. One thing’s for sure though, Teddy Bare Nugent is a perfect symbol of today’s GOP electorate: clueless, hateful, crazy and armed to the teeth.

Something tells me we’re going to be seeing a lot more of folks like Teddy – on Fox ‘News,’ at rallies and GOP Assemblies… and on posters… and YouTube videos… etc, etc, etc.

Boulder County was truly lucky to see one of the very first emergences of ‘grass roots’ GOP heroes – the Colorado Statesman reported on just one such firebrand: Charles “Russ” Lyman. When I read the article I was shocked2 not to find a photograph of this charismatic powerhouse that “…brought the crowd to its feet…” so I made it my business to locate this beacon of GOP hope.

When he mounted the lectern3, suddenly I started to feel some of that magic – or it might just have been my breakfast burrito doing a rerun.

Good luck Mr. Lyman – the hopes and prayers of the Boulder County GOP clearly go with you. May the spirit of the Motor City Madman show you the way.

1. You know, like the golden plates… that were returned to an angel.

2. Shocked I tell you!!

3. It was perhaps that very turn of phrase that called forth the spirit of my burrito.

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