Firehouse Art Center presents Circular Paths

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Circular Paths

An exhibition of new works by Rita Vali, Lynda Ladwig & Monika Edgar

The circle is an object of nature, an idealization of pure mathematics, and a symbol or framework we use to understand and describe our world. Since it is without begining or end it also represents infinity. This simplest of all fitures, finds representation in art across many cultures. In this exhibit, three artists respond to the circle — exploring the circle as a line, as volume, as shape, as metaphor, as symbol, and as an element of pattern.

The circle represents a universal and spiritual relevant paradox – a shape without beginning and without end. It visually describes eternity, the mysterious cycles of existence and the often uncanny circularity of our own lives.

Circular Paths

At the Firehouse Art Center from May 11 – June 13.
Opening reception May 11 from 6-9 PM.

Executive Director
Joanna Young

Board of Directors
Vern Seieroe (President) | Tom McCoy (Vice President) | Dwayne Wolff (Secretary)
Stephanie Hilvitz | William “Chi Chi” Ledesma | John Luberger | Sara Sheldon | Tony Umile | Jennifer Engle | Greg Ellis

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