Setting history straight

Jerry Day accused Tom Lopez of rewriting history for criticizing Republicans and went on to accuse five Democratic presidents of starting wars. Such nonsense must be answered. World War I started in Austria in 1914 with an assassination. The U.S. entered in 1915 after German submarines sank unarmed passenger ships, primarily the Lusitania, with Americans on board. Woodrow Wilson did not start the war.

We owe to the victims to get the story straight.

World War II started with the invasion of Poland by Germany in 1939. The bombing of Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, and invasion of the Philippines with the loss of thousands of Americans brought us into the war. The total was much greater than on 9/11. Franklin Roosevelt did not start the war.

North Korea invaded the South in 1950, threatening to drive American and South Korean troops into the sea. Harry Truman did not start the war.

John Kennedy was considering withdrawal from Vietnam when he was assassinated. I will pass on the rest of this one, including Nixon’s secret bombing of Cambodia.

The Bosnian War started in 1992. Clinton did not get involved with the NATO bombing campaign until 1995. Clinton did not start the war.

Daddy Bush invaded Kuwait and Iraq in 1990 to save American oil interests from Saddam, who had invaded Kuwait, but failed to completely crush his war machine, allowing him to fully recover and slaughter thousands of his people after Daddy Bush urged them to revolt in 1991, and they did. They were hung out to dry.

Junior finished the job, at horrendous cost, by invading Iraq in 2002. It was justified by claiming Saddam was involved in 9/11 and possessing WMDs. Both have been proven to be lies.

Indeed, Mr. Day, some people do try to rewrite history.

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  1. Gregory Iwan
    June 19, 2012 at 8:51 am

    In the law the important time is usually when an occurrence gives “RISE” to another thing. For example, the initial vote leading to Hitler’s “ascension” to the post of chancellor of Germany occurred the very same day as FDR’s first inauguration here. A later vote that same month cemented Der Fuehrer’s deal. I am convinced that FDR knew the Japanese were going to attack, but felt he had no choice but to wait and allow an isolationist country to stir up its own ire, if the world was going to beat back the forces of darkness (and avoid having the Nazis in Canada and Bermuda). WWI was well along before our American “Expeditionary” Force was cobbled together. It arrived in France almost three years AFTER Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated (THAT precipitated the war). The Vietnam fiasco’s roots were probably in Eisenhower’s refusal to assist the French who were surrounded at Dien Bien Phu in 1956. There was even talk then of using a nuclear weapon to help. One reason why the French developed their own nuke, but that’s another story. And 9/11? Another twisted mind concocted that nightmare, supposedly in “response” to maltreatment of the Palestinian people over four decades. Always political? No most every war between nations has an economic root. That is why Republicans can be seen as providing the fuse and the match. normally the Democrats have to fight the wretched things and clean up. Then, when the costs are booked, voters scream and elect the other guys again in outrage. It’s a very familiar scenario. P. S.: Lincoln was a Republican. Did he start the Civil War?

  2. bob
    June 22, 2012 at 6:32 pm

    And one more for old times sake – let us not forget Grenada, America stood tall as 95% of our casualties were caused by “friendly” fire. The captive students didn’t ask to be rescued, island officials even offered to fly them to the states. Somehow intelligence didn’t even know about dozens of other students on a nearby island…ooopppps. Then there was Panama and Iran/Contra, ‘but I digress.”

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