Grab the Rope and Pull

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Grab the rope and PULL. You have to do SOMETHING.

Most credible economists (I give Paul Krugman a lot of leeway) insisted that the stimulus wasn’t big enough. As it is, it consisted almost entirely of tax breaks and spending cuts. He did it the way a Republican would have done it in any other year that a Pug sat in the White House. Then it didn’t work, and the Pugs cried about it. Big surprise there.

Austerity is the Big Lie of the day. I’ll never forget Cheney saying “Reagan showed us that deficits don’t matter.” The truth is that fractional reserve banking is what creates the growth- it is the engine in Capitalism that makes the wealthy so wealthy. If you expect your house to be worth more someday or expect your 401k to grow, it’s because of fractional reserve bank practices. It’s not necessarily bad, but when all the spending goes to the top, all the cream is raked off by those who already own all the butter, and they game the system to create artificial ‘cream’ while the rest of us are forced to shave off more of our income so that they can continue to acquire acquire acquire, then yeah, the system is broken.

The Democratic party is infused with corporate money – baaaaaad! BAAAAD!

But you can’t pretend that it’s an equal split. There is no one in the Republican party like Alan Grayson or Elizabeth Warren or Al Franken or Maria Cantwell. It’s a tug-of-war, not a free-for-all, because we only get two parties. That sucks, I want power sharing and instant run-off elections. Then I can vote Green and be ecstatic about my choice. But that isn’t going to work; it’s one of the flaws in our supposedly perfect Constitution. You have to grab one end or the other. If you stand on the sidelines and say “I hate that rope,” you’ haven’t contributed a goddamn thing.

What do I always say? Pick a Democrat (or Republican if you can find one) that you can stand behind and then stand behind them, whether they’re in your district or not. I send Elizabeth Warren a buck or two when I can, even though I can’t vote for her. Grab the rope and pull.

Someone resolved to stake out ground in the “middle” is like the eskimo who pitched his tent on an ice floe. Come morning, the center has moved.

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  1. Gregory Iwan
    August 4, 2012 at 10:30 am

    Pretty astute and insightful. This kind of enlightenment happens all too seldom hereabouts. It is all too true that the uber-rich not only make the rules but also pick the referees.

    As for the sitting President, he simply took a page from Clinton’s book. Clinton out-Republican’ed the GOP and they castigated him for it. As for politicians in general, it’s becoming plain they are not relevant. After all, though we watched the show for Howdy Doody, did anyone seek out the puppeteer who ran him? Holding the strings seems safer, more insulated. We should make the cost of failure too high not only for public servants (read about bankrupt Stockton, CA, paying its most recently ex-chief of police a $204k per year pension; sounds like government really is learning to be more like a business!, but also for oil companies, etc. It’s high time (if not too late) that we learned that most transportation, health care, and education should be puiblic goods. To blazes with the rest, except infrastructure and utilities. Leave the rent-seekers trying to learn from Krugman. They won’t, but it might keep them busy.

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