Hey, Gov! Which mouth are we to believe?

Editor’s Note: Gordon Pedrow served as Longmont City Manger for 18 years prior to his retirement in March of 2012.

Former Longmont City Manager, Gordon Pedrow

I have found newspaper coverage about the recent oil and gas association conference in Denver somewhat baffling. On Wednesday, Aug. 15, the governor spoke at the Colorado Oil and Gas Association’s annual conference. The Times-Call ran articles covering the speech on both Thursday and Friday with these headlines: “Hickenlooper says Longmont drilling rules must be challenged,” and “Gov. Hickenlooper: Drilling regulations need more work.”

It would appear that the governor was speaking out of both sides of his mouth last week.

Out of one side of his mouth, Gov. Hickenlooper outlined a new set of state initiatives to oversee oil and gas operations to create “integrity and trust” in energy development in our state. According to the article, the focus of the initiatives includes: well-bore integrity, water sampling, fugitive methane emissions and setbacks from densely populated areas. He also remarked that public concern about hydraulic fracturing must be addressed.

After catching his breath, the governor then spoke out of the other side of his mouth. At that point, Gov. Hickenlooper threatened to take the city of Longmont to court to quash its recently adopted comprehensive oil and gas drilling regulations. He stated that the Longmont City Council should accept his word that the state rules governing oil and gas regulations have sufficient flexibility to meet the needs of local communities. These are the same rules that, when speaking out of the other side of his mouth, he said must be revised to bring “integrity and trust to the industry.”

Only a politician would even attempt to sell such convoluted logic to the public. There is no doubt in my mind which entity (state of Colorado or city of Longmont) I want protecting the health and environment in my community. The governor threatening to use the courts to keep the elected Longmont City Council from protecting its residents is unconscionable.

  2 comments for “Hey, Gov! Which mouth are we to believe?

  1. August 23, 2012 at 11:31 pm

    I was also surprised at Hick’s endorsement. It made no sense – you have to wonder what would move the needle that far off. Yes, it IS unconscionable but there appear to be a number of people in Longmont without consciences. It’s the not so bonita side of a little town.

  2. Gregory Iwan
    August 24, 2012 at 11:25 am

    I am pleasantly surprised by the now more than a couple of publoic comments from our former city manager. I have a “pen warmed up in Hell” (a little like Mark Twain), but Mr. Pedrow has a measured, rational, supportable way of expressing what many know to be true. And it is now clear that our governor (the “emperor”) has no clothes. Sad that policy can be held hostage to money, just as it is in places like Pakistan, the Democratic Republic of [the] Congo, Argentina, and other third-world countries. If we keep dumbing ourselves down, we can surpass those bastions of ignorance and duly commit political and social suicide. My glass is held high for GP.

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