Jonathan Singer the multi-issue candidate

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Jonathan Singer – HD11 Candidate

In the race for Colorado House District 11, there’s one striking difference between the candidates that I saw as I read their statements in the T-C election guide. Jonathan Singer, the Democrat, mentions a lot of issues that concern him. Jobs and the economy are No. 1.

But Singer also has other important goals: improve education by reducing class size in overcrowded schools and holding down college tuition; improve health care by giving everyone access to quality, affordable health insurance; protect our environment by conserving natural resources and giving local communities control over fracking on their own land. That’s an impressive list of important issues.

Singer’s Republican opponent agrees with him that jobs and the economy are No. 1. But that’s it. She doesn’t mention any other issue that will come before the state Legislature. Not a single one. Hasn’t she noticed that our kids need better education, that all of us need better health care, that our environment is endangered and must be protected?

Though she said she personally supports reproductive freedom and “equality,” a vote for her might keep the Republican stranglehold on the state House, as her party is committed to blocking any legislation on such issues.

And her plan for creating more jobs is to push government totally out of the picture. No Republican who is serious about governing thinks that’s possible. Even the “new” Mitt Romney sees an important role for government in improving the economy.

It’s pretty obvious that Jonathan Singer is the candidate to choose to represent this district.

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