International Hero For Peace and Healing, Father Michael Lapsley, to Speak in Boulder

Boulder, Colorado – First United Methodist Church of Boulder, in partnership with the Mountain Forum for Peace and the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center, is thrilled to present a public lecture by international hero for peace and healing, Father Michael Lapsley, on Friday, October 19th at 7:30pm. FUMC Boulder is also hosting an introductory workshop led by Father Lapsley on Saturday, October 20th.

Journey from Freedom Fighter to Healer

In 1990 Father Lapsley, an Anglican priest active in the struggle against apartheid in South Africa, opened a letter bomb that nearly killed him. Father Lapsley’s life has taken him on an inspiring journey that led to the development of a process for healing from trauma of all kinds. His work at the Institute for Healing of Memories teaches victims how to let go of a painful past event and no longer give it the power to define them.

Joe Agne, pastor at FUMC Boulder, who has worked with, Father Lapsley made this comment about the event, “We live in such a violent world these days and even so-called redemptive violence is a huge part of our psyche. Mahatma Gandhi said ‘an eye for an eye ends up making the whole world blind’ and this is at the heart of Father Lapsley’s message. Healing is so important right now. We’ve all been impacted by violence, either as victim or perpetrator in some form, at some level. Father Lapsley teaches the importance of letting go of the power of the past so we can heal our world and ourselves. We need this to move away from vengeance and toward peace.”

In the context of a post-9/11 world, Father Lapsley will share his story and take questions and comments from the audience. A reception honoring Father Lapsley will follow immediately after the lecture.

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Healing of Memories: An Introductory Workshop

On Saturday October 20th a workshop will be held at First United Methodist Church of Boulder from 9:30am to 3:00pm, with an hour for lunch. The workshop introduces participants to the teachings of the Institute for the Healing of Memories, which facilitates the healing process of individuals, communities, and nations. Presented by founder Father Michael Lapsley and trained facilitators, this is an incredible opportunity for survivors, healers, therapists, victim’s advocates, law enforcement, veterans, and anyone in need of healing or longing to promote healing, to gain insight into the healing process as experienced and developed by Father Lapsley. “Today, my own work lies in the field of healing of memories – creating safe and sacred spaces where people can begin the journey of acknowledging and letting go of that which is destructive inside them and taking from the past that which is life-giving.”

Visit for more information and to sign up.

First United Methodist Church of Boulder is a welcoming and affirming place of inclusion and acceptance. We joyfully welcome all people of any race, gender, sexual orientation, and faith traditions.


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