There’s no joy in rape for the victim.

Iʼm continually amazed by the number of women who, in voting the Republican ticket have potentially tossed away their rights as the female of the species and casually handed them over to a bunch of arrogant, self-righteous and (apparently) intellectually challenged males. I also would not be surprised how many of these same women will look in the mirror one day and realize the staggering mistake they have made in their voting selection.

I wonder how many of these women voters will be faced with an unwanted pregnancy. Not theirs – their daughterʼs. How many will face the agony of holding a child who has been raped and with a growing fetus, now face the abhorrence of future offspring by an unknown rapist or perhaps a known relative? Will there be joy in that embrace?

The Romney/Ryan ticket has of late softened its absolutist position on the abortion of rape and incest victims, but beneath the veneer of concern for the victim lies the absolute probability that a Romney administration will have the opportunity to appoint at least two supreme court justices. With those appointments, the nation can say goodbye to Roe v Wade. Mission accomplished and itʼs; “Hey – we didnʼt do it”. But of course they did; thatʼs politics for you.

No one knows just how far the court might go. No abortion, regardless of cause or even the health of the mother? Who knows? A more compassionate view protecting the life of the mother but otherwise prohibiting the procedure regardless the raper? Perhaps. Nice to realize that your daughter bears the child of good olʼ Uncle Joe or brother Billy or- well, you really donʼt want to go there, do you? At what point does anger spring into action?

A female is raped and her life is changed forever- a memory she will carry to her grave and a pregnancy adds to the agony. I wonder if R&R have spent much time thinking about what goes through a victimʼs mind once sheʼs dismissed from the hospital with her baby cooing as she make their way home. Very little I suspect.

The births of R&R’s lovely children were intended and filled with joy. What about the others- the victims, the innocents, the scarred? Your child is in your arms. She may be 11 or 16 or 26. She is in emotional and physical pain. If very young she may have no understanding of what has just occurred. As you comfort her, do you think of what to tell her a few months along; that she is pregnant and will soon be a mother- and nothing legally can be done to change that fact? Or is it impossible for you to even imagine such an event in your family? Unimaginable! No way – not in my family! Well, if your luck holds, that may be a fact.

But what if and what about that mother down the street clutching her raped and pregnant daughter? I wonder who she voted for and exactly why some ignorant male politician is making decisions for her. Then again, – it may be you, alone and with no arms to hold you.

And his eyes- are they as filled with tears as yours or your daughterʼs? Not likely- theirs will burn with zeal and the certainty of whatʼs good for you – and them. Mostly them at the polling booth.

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