It’s An Obscenity

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How much? How long?

What happened on December 14, 2012 in the small town of Newtown Connecticut where 20 (and counting) children and at least six adults were shot to death has been variously described as a tragedy, a horror, or a calamity. It was all of these; it was also an obscenity.

It is an obscenity when a country can be so influenced by money, by fear, by political manipulation, by lobbyists that it allows virtually anyone to buy a weapon meant but for one purpose only- kill another human being on a field of battle.

Surely the word obscenity is insufficient when one considers the power over this nation’s culture and the resulting mayhem when anyone can buy an AK47 or a pistol with “extended” clip hold ing 30 or more bullets.

It’s an obscenity when, on PBS, three eminent social “experts” opined on how, in a dream-world Utopia, all persons of violent nature could be intercepted, counseled, quieted, calmed and returned to a compassionate society. But not one damned time was the phrase “Gun control” uttered. Perhaps in their Utopia guns don’t exist.

It’s an obscenity when one PBS expert opined that “objectively” schools were safe. By that I assume he meant that statistically, schools were safe. After all, only 20 children were shot dead- and there are thousands of schools which have never experienced such an act. Tell that to the parents of the dead from the carnage of Newtown or Columbine.

Your school is probably not safe. Read those words again and then ask yourself a few questions and the answer will be clear.

Is your school completely enclosed by a high chain link fence?

Are there armed guards monitoring metal detectors at the entrances through the fence and into the property and well away from the actual school?

If there is a breach of security can the school be alerted and all doors locked before an assailant can gain entry?

If the answer to any of these questions is “No”, your school may be statistically safe but also vulnerable, for as long as a mentally disturbed person can buy weapons meant to do nothing else but kill, no school, no theatre, no campus can ever be considered safe.

So the larger question is there; How long are you, as a citizen of this nation prepared to indulge this culture of swagger and “open carry”? Guns on campus, guns in bars, guns strolling down Main Street? How long are you prepared to tolerate the NRA and the choke-hold it has on reasonable gun control?

How long before this all happens again? How long will we continue to tolerate the obscene stupidity we practice every day in allowing the NRA, the weapons industry and the corrupt politicians they bought and paid for to shape our culture and abuse the underlying premise of the 2nd Amendment?

Perhaps the parents of those tiny dead bodies in Newtown could provide an answer.

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