Boenhner smoke

By Justin K. from Flickr

By Justin K. from Flickr

Mr. Chris Douse wrote a letter lambasting Senate leader Harry Reid for a pork-laden Sandy relief bill. I agree that there should be no pork in the relief bill. But let us take a closer look. Money appropriation bills like this are supposed to originate in the House. Speaker Boehner is led around by the nose by the tea party fanatics and did exactly nothing, leaving it to the Senate and Harry Reid to help the victims.

Reid can do nothing without the approval of Republican leader Mitch McConnell or he will be filibustered. McConnell filibustered 60 times in the 111th and 48 times in the 112th Congress. He even filibustered one of his own proposals when he proposed it and Reid then offered to vote on it. So the pork-laden bill had his full approval.

Reid was forced to buy the votes of some senators by their demands for a favorite pork project in order to get enough votes to pass the bill. Mr. Douse found a list of the pork projects, but failed to go further and obtain the names of the people who demanded the pork. If he had done so, I’ll wager that at least half were from Republican senators. In the meantime, Speaker Boehner fulminated and chain-smoked in the House instead of doing his job of helping the victims of Sandy.

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  1. Gregory Iwan
    January 17, 2013 at 12:49 pm

    As long as the fools on the Hill help only the top 2%, then they feel no compulsion to do more, or to do something differently. There is no guilt, no shame, no sense, and, most of all, no accountability. Would that impeachment, recall, or something else awaited these charlatans, and now. If any voter believes such chicanery qualifies as “public service,” I’ve got some land in Florida I need to show them, and now. Hey; it’s only wet part of the year!

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