Times Call Story was Mile-Hi propaganda

One of Mi-Hile Skydiving's Twin Otter skydiving planes.

One of Mi-Hile Skydiving’s Twin Otter skydiving planes.

The “Making It Work” series highlighted local residents who make our community work, presumably in a behind-the-scenes public-service type role. I enjoyed the article about lunch lady Sandy Lenhardt, which was well deserved.

In contrast, the article featuring Mile-Hi Skydiving pilot Clayton Schultz wasn’t really about Schultz at all. Instead, it was shameful propaganda aimed at glorifying Mile-Hi Skydiving. The Mile-Hi Skydiving jump ships were highlighted, in particular the Twin Otter, which generates hundreds of noise complaints each year. Nevertheless, Schultz loves “being at a job where people are really having fun and enjoying it.” And he wants us to know that he and the others at Mile-Hi are thinking of us folks on the ground too. Indeed.

Back in 2011, Clayton and I attended a meeting with Frank Casares, owner of Mile-Hi Skydiving. I spoke on behalf of the Citizens for Quiet Skies group and explained our concerns about the incessant noise from the jump planes. The noise affects areas of Longmont and rural north Boulder County. Frank was not interested one bit in making any changes to reduce the noise impact to the community. As a result of our ongoing noise complaints, Mile-Hi Skydiving mailed us “I love airplane noise” bumper stickers.

Mile-Hi Skydiving will soon be ramping up and operating more than 12 hours a day with several aircraft, including not one but two Twin Otters. And they have plans for a significant expansion.

After exhausting other options, we are now pursuing legal action to gain relief from the noise. With your help we can prevail. If the noise bothers you, please consider making a generous donation to our legal fund. Checks can be mailed to:

Citizens for Quiet Skies
P.O. Box 19203
Boulder, CO 80308

Questions? Please join us on Facebook.

  2 comments for “Times Call Story was Mile-Hi propaganda

  1. January 9, 2013 at 10:33 pm

    Thanks for this Kim. The crude poster and bumper sticker were revolting, high-school level humor. Such contempt for their fellow citizens! These ‘high schoolers’ are operating dangerous machinery over our homes virtually every day. I wonder how long till that ‘top gun/tough guy’ arrogance leads to a horrible blunder and possibly a catastrophe. My house doesn’t move, I’m a sitting duck. Every time I hear ANY plane fly over now I worry about what might happen when I hear them wind up their engine. It’s much like having a motorcycle gang buzzing your street daily. You just can’t see their leering faces from the ground. “Good neighbors” don’t terrorize each other. Casares needs to wise up. Maybe it’s the company he keeps.

  2. January 22, 2013 at 12:01 pm

    A reminder to readers leaving comments. Please read the commenting guidelines before leaving comments. Also, all email addresses are validated, so using a fake address guarantees a comment will not appear. To the commenter from WI, your remarks were puerile and your email was faked, thus not published. Happy landings.

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