Rubio’s Sip of the Lip

Great piece by Peter Fegan at The Big Slice:

Sometimes I can’t help but feel just a little sorry for the Republicans. It’s bad enough they had their lunch handed to them in last year’s elections. Despite an avalanche of soft money and an entire cable news channel at their disposal, Barack Obama easily bested Thurston Howell III and the Democrats actually increased their majority in the Senate.

But last night, after the President gave what many have now called his best speech ever, Marco Rubio had the “honor” of presenting the alternate reality that was the GOP response. When it rains, it pours. If this is how the Republicans plan on rebutting Obama in his second term, I’d stay out of Vegas for the foreseeable future if I were them. 2014 is already starting to look bleak.

The fact is, despite all the claims by Rubio and later Mitch McConnell, there wasn’t one single proposal laid out by Obama that wasn’t either practical or popular. The man spent just over an hour throwing down the gauntlet and setting the trap for his opponents. They, in turn, quickly did their best to fall into it. No wonder Rubio reached for a bottle of water. If you had to spit out that much bullshit in that short a time, you’d need a whole damn ocean to wet your whistle.

The major problem for the Republicans is two-fold: they are peddling a message that few outside the converted are buying and they are up against a president who has learned his lesson from his first term and plans on keeping the pressure on. He probably isn’t going to win every battle, but he will win a good chunk of them, and at the GOP’s expense.

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  1. Gregory Iwan
    February 14, 2013 at 2:16 pm

    The GOP and the “people” it “represents” are NOT going to gladly incur ANY expense. They will, however, persist in their error until pigs sprout wings or until the sun blows up. In either case, they will then scream they were “right all along.” This Mediaeval thinking has only one parallel today, and that is found with the Taliban, who think the 8th century was just ducky — all the rage, effendi. Rubio has neighbors (well off peole, one can presume) who actually USE Medicare and/or RECEIVE Social Security checks. Rubio himself went to college on a federal grant (Pell?). So what might cure the GOP of itself? How about success? If everyone became a gazillionaire, problem is gone. Fat chance.

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