Americans Against Fracking Statement: Obama Climate Change Plan

For Immediate Release
June 25, 2013

Emily Wurth, 202-412-1505

Americans Against Fracking


on Obama Climate Change Plan

“President Obama deserves praise for prioritizing climate change, but if he’s serious he needs to start by rejecting fracking for oil and gas. Fracking is a dangerous and toxic drilling process that greatly exacerbates climate change and threatens to put us over the edge. 400 ppm is a game changer that requires President Obama stand up to the oil and gas industry. We have clean and abundant wind, water, and solar alternatives that can power the entire U.S. and individual states, according to studies, with existing technologies at equivalent or lower costs than conventional fuels. President Obama can’t claim to seriously address climate change and expand fracking for oil and gas – that’s a stark contradiction,” said actor/director Mark Ruffalo, a spokesperson for Americans Against Fracking.


  1 comment for “Americans Against Fracking Statement: Obama Climate Change Plan

  1. Gregory Iwan
    June 28, 2013 at 4:58 pm

    Take my word for it: NOTHING will be done about climate change until it already has. Then the byword/buzzword will be “adapt.” Like try to move to Canada. About six years after they close their border. We have NEVER acted ahead of the storm. It took Pearl Harbor to get us into the fight against Hitler (which was vital, as FDR knew, because if ol’ Adolf had whipped the Brits we’d had the Nazis in Bermuda and Ottawa. Anything like change where there will be winners and losers unnerves people, for they know in their heart of hearts only the 1% will be among the “winners.” Truth is, they’ll be in about the same soup as the rest, and maybe their money wads will be useless. Now THAT’S “laugh-in” time. By the way, I’d recommend everyone see the forested West before it’s gone. Beetle and wildfires are a positive feedback loop, and the former is moving up in altitude and expanding his tastes for other trees besides Lodgepole Pine. And as the oceans become increasingly acidic, once the coral reefs and plankton are gone, the remaining carbon balance that took so many millions of years to build will likely be gone. And so, then, will we.

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