Cory Gardner: Fraud and Abuse

Cory Gardner, anti-environmentI see that Cory Gardner, along with his compassionate christian Colorado Republican buddies, has voted to cut the food stamp bill by 40 million, citing fraud and abuse among other things. This program has a fraud level of 1% while congress itself has a fraud level of 2%. So much for fraud and abuse.

The cuts will remove 3.8 million people from the food stamp rolls. Half of the people getting food stamps are children. Some of them go hungry part of the time. If Cory Gardner and his family were on food stamps, I wonder if it would bother him if his children went to bed hungry part of the time. Probably not. It certainly does’t bother him that other people’s children go hungry part of the time. What a caring compassionate Christian.

Doyle Myers

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  1. Gregory Iwan
    September 25, 2013 at 6:42 pm

    Well, you just can’t ever help poor people. They don’t really “employ” you, do they, Cory? We have government of the money, by the money, and for the money. And we’ve forgotten what we were once all about in the USA. Gardner’s family has a 320-acre farm in eastern Colorado (a half section); does anyone suppose they might eventually have a bit of difficulty selling their produce if there are fewer mouths actually EATING in America? If so, good!

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