Bruised from Celebrating


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Gun crazies in Colorado are stroking themselves to the point of bruising after the success of their NRA-backed putsch.

I’ve read story after story crowing about how Morse and Giron reacted to their loss. The flapping-in-the-breeze lunatic fringe is blurring they’re so wound up with vengeful glee. Easy kids, you’ll wear a sore spot.

I’m surprised Greg Brophy isn’t walking around with ammo belts and a sombrero in the capitol building. No, really, wait for it. Sigh. Looking for the campaign gaffe of the decade? Keep your eyes on him. He’ll deliver in fine form when the chips are down.

And the stories keep rolling in: a young man shot without reason after a car accident, two road-ragers trade hot lead and end up cold meat, a sailor goes on a shooting spree, an 83 year old man shoots his wife for putting the lid on the ketchup too tight, etc, etc, etc!!

This is NOT a win for common sense or safety. The legislation limited the size of magazines. No more ‘mine’s bigger’ and I can imagine that upset a lot of folks. The NRA did a fine job of ginning up anger and ‘they’s a-gonna take yer gunz!!!!’ fear in the orange-vested hearts of rural Amurika.

So I’m guessing requiring real background checks is out of the question now that the NRA has two scalps dangling from it’s gore-dripping belt. Lovely. So we can expect more and worse incidents. Oh, and whatever you do don’t speak up and complain or ‘conservative watchdogs’* will track you down and see to it you’re out of your job. Yes, the ‘fear’ tactic is in clear use.

As one wit on Twitter quipped: “Clean kill on that one.”

Indeed. Sadly, common sense was also a casualty.

* Paid agents?

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  1. Gregory Iwan
    September 25, 2013 at 6:48 pm

    Stroking themselves? Really? In public? Can you imagine they are lubricating their –er, guns? Recalls are fine, so long as you remember: those who live by the sword, die by the sword. The state will have occasion to use that constitutional method again. As for “gun ‘control’,” we ought to find a way to really control guns already in the hands of persons who can go off the pier. And that’s most of us, darlin’. Who hasn’t been really angry at least once? Here’s a suggestion: let anyone and everyone own one gun. BUT, it must be buried fifty feet down. By the time you get to it (think Kevin Costner’s character in the rain, in “Dances With Wolves”), you probably will have cooled off. While we’re at it, why don’t we recall the entire Congress? ‘Meet you at YOUR district, Johnny Reb.

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