Gardner Votes Show No Compassion

Cory Gardner, no compassion.

Cory Gardner, no compassion.

In his letter of 9/27, Mr. James Langley accused me of shamelessly distorting the facts on Cory Gardner’s vote on the Food Stamp Act. He then went on to explain the difference between cuts and reduction of an increase which he said Cory did, the basis for my ‘distortion.’ The bottom line is that $4 billion per year, $40 billion total, would keep 3.8 million poor people, (children, veterans, seniors) from getting a very generous $4.64 per day for their groceries. Maybe they would buy Big Macs or Starbucks instead of oatmeal or ramen noodles.

What Mr. Langley failed to mention was that a big reason for the increased food stamp need was that the Wall Street Jackals had driven the country to its knees. He also failed to mention that a Senate passed Jobs bill that the CBO had graded as creating 1.6 million good paying jobs (which would have further reduced the need for food stamps) was in the House. Cory and his Republican buddies refused to look at it let alone pass it.

Cory has voted for the 43rd and 44th time to deny health insurance to millions of people who desperately need it. His last votes would also be votes to shutter the government as Obama will not be blackmailed into killing the law. Of course Cory will have his plush health plan and his $174,000 salary regardless of what happens to other people, including 40,000 Coloradans. The federal government is Colorado’s largest employer.

Cory is to be commended for his efforts to obtain federal help for Colorado flood relief even as he successfully shuttered the government. Too bad he voted to deny help for Hurricane Sandy, the Moore, Oklahoma tornado and the Texas fertilizer plant explosion though.

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