Re-elect Dennis Coombs as Longmont’s mayor

Dennis Coombs, Mayor of Longmont

Dennis Coombs, Mayor of Longmont

With elections only a few weeks away, I would like to share a few reasons why I believe our city has been well served by Dennis Coombs and why we should re-elect him for a second term. During his first term, Dennis has provided inclusive, competent leadership for the City Council. Consequently, the council has mostly conducted the public’s business in the amicable fashion our community deserves. This is in sharp contrast to how the council operated prior to Dennis’ election.

Mayor Coombs did a superb job of leading the City Council’s deliberations regarding Longmont’s regulation of oil and gas operations within the city’s corporate boundaries. All voices were heard, but Dennis kept the focus on our city’s role as a home-rule city. The final regulations approved by the City Council were reasonable and appropriate to preserve Longmont’s land-use authority and to protect residential neighborhoods. Dennis has appropriately fought for our city’s homerule authority and is now leading the fight against the governor and the oil and gas lobbyists’ attempts to bully our community via lawsuits. Do not let the rhetoric of Dennis’ mayoral opponent distract us from this very critical legal battle.

The flood of 2013 is the final reason I support Mayor Coombs for a second term. The flooding of the past weeks has been devastating for our community. In times of crisis, calm leadership makes the difference. Mayor Coombs has displayed superior leadership throughout this tragic event. He has performed his role quietly and competently, all the time allowing the trained, professional emergency managers to do their jobs unimpeded. This is real leadership.

The above items are just a few of the reasons I encourage all eligible voters to help re-elect Mayor Dennis Coombs.

Gordon Pedrow is the former City Manager of Longmont – FRL

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