Baum’s Bullying Back Again

faces-of-baumBoorish bullying is back again, this time in Longmont’s election campaign, and the sordid tactics are compliments of Bryan Baum and his cohorts.

This week Longmont voters are receiving calls from an outfit called Public Appeal (206-397-1100) which apparently has been authorized by Baum et al to do a “push poll” on local races. You may try to call their number if you wish, but I’ve never gotten an answer.

I got their call on Monday, October, 14. When the computer-generated voice found out I was supporting the reelection of Mayor Dennis Coombs, the next question was “would it matter to you if you knew that he votes on city issues to benefit his own business?” The next question was “would it matter to you if you knew his actions could cost every Longmont household $10,000 because of lawsuits?” That’s when I hung up. They offered no data to support the misrepresentations in their questions, which simply contain scandalous innuendoes designed to sully the reputation of a good man. It’s a time-honored technique of desperate, and despicable, campaigners.

It is disheartening to see this kind of squalid campaigning brought to Longmont elections, especially against a decent man who has done a fine job as Mayor, and who is running a positive campaign for reelection. He has brought the City Council, and the city, together with his expertise, competence, and congeniality, and he deserves to be reelected.

Mayor Coombs has returned civility to public discourse. The city’s professional staff members do not have to fear being bullied or harassed by the Mayor as they did back in the Baum days. Residents who wish to appear before the Council to share their opinions on issues don’t have to worry about it either. That’s a welcome change and one I want to see continued.

Mayor Coombs has brought back inclusiveness, conciliation, and an open mind to civic discussions. Hang up on the pushing pollsters, and join me in voting to keep Mayor Coombs working for all of us in Longmont.

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