Coal for those who play Santa only for the already rich

Congratulations to those secret Santas, Cory Gardner, Mike Coffman, Scott Tipton and Doug Lamborn for not passing the unemployment extension. That will show those 1.3 million slackers not to sponge off the government. Of course our secret Santas wouldn’t look at a jobs bill to get some of them off of unemployment. We can’t have that now could we? They also voted to cut $40 billion from food stamps for 3.4 million, seniors, veterans and children, half of the group. Let’s fire the janitors and let the kids get jobs cleaning the school bathrooms. Let’s not cut any corporate welfare though, ConAgra and Big Oil must have it to survive and contribute to our heroes.

They couldn’t afford to spend $25 billion on unemployment, but didn’t bat an eye at wasting $26 billion on a government shutdown that accomplished nothing.

Why should these lazy people get a couple hundred a week unemployment or $1.45 a meal for food stamps when Congress only gets $174,000 a year for working a whole two or three days a week. This is the most unproductive Congress in history. It makes Harry Truman’s “Do Nothing” Congress look like a dynamo. Congratulations again for seeing that all those slackers and never-do-wells get what they deserve while you have your turkey and ham with all the trimmings. Maybe that will teach them to get off their dead south ends and work hard like you in Congress. By the way, why is your approval rating at a huge 9 per cent?

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