Cliff Smedley – Alan Rosenfeld for County Commissioner

Alan Rosenfeld

Alan Rosenfeld

I support Alan Rosenfeld to replace Cindy Domenico as our County Commissioner. It is time for a change. Let me discuss a few of Cindy’s questionable policy positions here. Of the 3 current Commissioners, Cindy has been the most tolerant of the fracking industry because she is fearful that the County will be sued by the industry. In a separate issue, Cindy has continued the wrong-headed choice to neglect county roads. Her solution, along with the other 2 current Commissioners, is to to impose a user tax in order to maintain roads in subdivisions of unincorporated Boulder County. Guess what! Over 100 citizens have now sued the County because of this wrong-headed user tax. Why is it that Cindy is afraid of a lawsuit by the Fracking industry but she is not afraid of a lawsuit from citizens? The Commissioners, including Cindy, have been provided legal opinions from environmental attorneys indicating that the County can also be sued by citizens over Fracking if they don’t protect our rights to clean air and water. Cindy’s questionable policy choices make me want to vote for someone else in this year’s Commissioner race. That someone else is Alan Rosenfeld. The first step in supporting Alan is to show up at the Democratic Party Caucuses on the evening of March 4th. Please show up and help Alan to win this race!

Cliff Smedley
Lafayette, CO

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