Singer a Thoughtful and Dedicated Public Servant

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Jonathan Singer – HD11 Representative

Colorado Representative Jonathan Singer, servicing most of Longmont, is a passionate public servant who has spent his life fighting on behalf of the under privileged and the underserved. As a social worker, he fought to get children out of abusive homes. In the State House, Representative Singer has enlarged his commitment to all of Colorado’s kids and working families by toiling to streamline and enlarge child welfare services, to support job growth, to implement fairer labor practices, and to fight for first responders suffering from PTSD. Defending the rights of every single Coloradan, Representative Singer, proudly supported Colorado ASSET and Civil Unions. A member of the House Appropriation Committee, Representative Singer believes in smart, fiscally responsible government.

Representative Singer cares and takes the time to listen to all of his constituents. If you’ve had the chance to meet and talk to him, then you know this is true. Representing Longmont, Lyons and Allens Park, Representative Singer’s flood relief bill was the first bill introduced in the Colorado House this session.

We are certainly most fortunate to have such a thoughtful and dedicated public servant representing us at the Capital.

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