She Still Hates Democrats

Nice to know I have someone to watch over me!

Nice to know I have someone to watch over me!

Born to provoke our ex-First Lady is (apparently). Not satisfied with wearing masks and throwing barbs she point-blank has to blurt out her hatred for Democrats periodically, much like the La Brea tar pits routinely bursts bubbles of black putrescent decay.

Longmont's self-proclaimed 'First Lady'

Longmont’s self-proclaimed ‘First Lady’

This is a person who styled herself ‘First Lady’ of Longmont when her husband Bryan was mayor. Obviously, her idea of ‘representing’ the city was a bit vague. More than half of Longmont votes Democratic – Ms. Baum certainly wasn’t their ‘First Lady’ – more like ‘Fist Lady’*.

She believes, as does her husband, that their political opponents should ‘do penanace’ just for opposing them. This continued monitoring proves just how obsessed she is with that.

And then there’s her dedicated hate website aimed specifically at me and my deceased wife Marilyn** that mentions her concealed carry permit. There’s a word for this.

There are some on Longmont’s Lunatic Fringe that give one pause.

Brittle and strident at the best of times, I can only imagine her intentions.

Any Democratic candidate that runs is fair game for her hate – witness the puppetshow around a local pizza place. Provoke until your opponent reacts, then hold up said reaction as proof of ill will.

I believe Ms. Baum’s endless jihad against me, my website, my family and my friends is ample proof that Longmont’s Lunatic Fringe will never embrace bipartisanship.sb_longmont_city_council_mtg_2

Far from it.

Consider that when you’re choosing candidates for council.

* in the friendliest way, of course!

** went live days after CO laws about defaming the dead changed. Classy.

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