Littwin: Gigantic, enormous, colossal, unpresidented women’s march drives Trump mad

From the Colorado Independent:

These are, as they say, early days. And as the nascent Trump era progresses — if that’s the right word — we will continue to see things we’ve never seen or heard before.

For starters, we’ve never heard an inaugural speech like Trump’s American carnage address.

We’ve never seen a counter-inaugural demonstration drawing an astonishing 3 million across the country, many of the protesters wearing pussy hats and many carrying signs about a president keeping his tiny hands off the First Amendment. If you think you were stunned by the turnout — the 100,ooo-marchers-strong aerial shot of Civic Center is a remarkable testament to those Coloradans trying to take their country back — imagine how Trump felt.

We’ve never seen a press secretary, on his first day, ordered by the president to read out a pack of lies about, of all things, crowd size and insist they were true – period. Or see a presidential counselor say the lies were actually “alternative facts.” Or see Orwell cited quite so accurately quite so early in a president’s tenure.

We have seen Trump embarrass himself many times, but never quite as he did, as president, at the CIA, standing in front of the wall honoring the CIA dead, using the occasion to accuse the press of willfully deflating his inauguration numbers and of falsely creating a rift between him and the intelligence agencies that he had compared to Nazis.

We’ve never seen a president, in his first days, hold a meet-and-greet with congressional leaders and tell them the already clearly debunked lie that he had lost the popular vote only because 3 to 5 million illegal immigrants voted for Clinton, who apparently was not smart enough, as several observers have pointed out, to wield these voters in, say, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

He can’t let go — of anything. He can’t move on — from anything. Getting elected isn’t enough. It has to be the greatest election. The most colossal crowds. A global movement. And still that won’t satisfy. We can only imagine what the GOP congressional leaders were thinking – that they have to pretend for four years that this is remotely normal. Remarkably, in the face of Trump’s allegation of massive voter fraud, no one called for an investigation. A better response, of course, would be to call for an intervention.

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  2 comments for “Littwin: Gigantic, enormous, colossal, unpresidented women’s march drives Trump mad

  1. dprato
    January 26, 2017 at 8:29 am

    First off this is just more sour grapes by the left because Trump has done more in one week for the Country than Obama Who? did in 8 years.
    If you want to take a look at facts you will note that the preponderance of popular votes accounting for Hillary’s so called majority came from California that has the largest illegal immigrant population in the Country and the most liberal voter registration as well. CA accounted for over 2 million of those extra votes itself. Furthermore during the failed recount there were irregularities in Democrat controlled Detroit that were never explained. If they do a thorough investigation in CA, NY, Cook County Illinois, and a host of other Democratically controlled cities they will find massive voter fraud. Apparently people have ignored the video showing Clinton Operatives talking about how they bus people in NYC from one polling place to another. Time to put your big boy pants on because once Trump gets done with all the Democratic cheating and lies you folks are going to be very unhappy for the next 4 to 8 years and deservedly so. Grow up you lost and now its your turn in the barrel.

  2. February 10, 2017 at 10:58 pm

    I think you mean ‘…to the country…’ – as in rape, pillage, burn, etc. Trump is causing more havoc in his first month than all the Presidents in history. I seriously doubt he’ll last a year before he’s impeached.

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